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Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico

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Patzcuaro, Magical Town

Surrounded by peculiar towns and villages of pure Purhepecha Indian tradition, amidst the mountains and the splendor of the Lake and its islands, Patzcuaro, located in the center of the State of Michoacan has historically been acknowledged for its geographical situation, its charm and natural beauty. Patzcuaro was an important ceremonial center of the Purhepecha Indians who settled at the beginning of the 14th Century and developed the most advanced pre-Columbian society in western Mexico. During the Colony it was the capital city of Michoacan from 1539 to 1580.

The charming character of Patzcuaro is due to multiple facts like its Indian origins, the presence of the Lake and its islands, the exceptional preservation of its architectural monuments, the mystery of its pre-Hispanic vestiges and the variety and uniqueness of its crafts, as well as the beauty of the landscape that forms the plateau and the warm welcome of its people.

At the center of the Historic Quarter, an immense garden surrounded by magnificent arches forms the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, the most beautiful colonial square of Mexico.

From the top of the old city the renowned Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud, a pilgrimage and miracle center built in 1540, guards over the villagers and some 15 churches and convents that beautify the valley that takes to Morelia.

Close by the "Plaza Chica", named Plaza Bocanegra after the revolutionary independence heroine, offers you the pleasures of wandering within the agitations of the daily public market, among stalls of exotic, colorful fruits and vegetables.

The Purhepecha Indians, artists of mixed traditions, cultures and beliefs produce one of the most varied art crafts of Mexico (fabrics, copper, wood, stone, and clay).

To remark the famous, wonderful Indian ritual of the Night of the Dead (Noche de Muertos), the night from the First to the Second of November.

Not to miss the visit-pilgrimage to the town of Parangaricutiro covered by the rise and eruption of the volcano Paricutin in 1943. The equestrian ascent and the discovery of the landscape on top of the extinguished volcano make of this ride/expedition an extraordinary adventure.

A silent and respectful visit to the Monarch Sanctuary (migratory butterfly) will not fail to leave a mark by its beauty of numbers and colors.