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Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico

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What to see, what to do and how to get there. Discover and explore the beauty of Michoacan.  The blue sky, the Mexican warmth, the mystical culture, Pre-Hispanic, historical and colonial sites, Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries, Indian rituals.

Our Tours in Michoacan

  • Ruta Don Vasco: Mystic and Majestic
  • Morelia: The Royal Valladolid
  • Meseta Purhepecha: Architecture and Polychromes
  • Paracho: Te Mexican Guitar
  • Patzcuaro: The Magical Alleys of Patzcuaro
  • Patzcuaro Lake East: Franciscan Olive Trees
  • Patzcuaro Lake West: Masks and Mezcal
  • Paricutin: Ruins and Fields of Lava
  • Santa Clara + Zirahuen: Pristine Waters and Pre-Hispanic Copper
  • Monarch Butterfly: Migratory Wings Ritual
  • Capula + Tup├ítaro + Cuanajo: Art of Fiber, Wood and Clay
  • Cuitzeo: The Augustins of the Lake
  • Noche de Muertos: Celebration of the Souls
  • Uruapan: Fields of Avocado
  • Gastoromia Michoacana: Tortilla Azul

What to Expect from our Guides

Languages, personal attention, congenial nature, kind and careful, passionate about their work, their country and us! A person of experience or education sharing his knowledge of past and present times. A person capable of enhancing your travel experience. Of revealing you the secrets of the region, its culture and habits. Of showing and telling the real Mexico.

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